Women of our event industry

2024-03-07 21:03:00

The family-run, small business, and event organisers of some of the biggest running events in Wales, proudly celebrate the women in our events industry! The women-strong team of Front Runner Events includes Tash Smith, Steph Hole and Emma Martin-Jewell.

Our recently appointed director of customer experience Tash Smith joins the female strong-management team of the company that began in 2013. True to the ethos of International Womens we're celebrating all women in our events team today and in doing so we're giving kudos to our very own Steph Hole. 

Steph joined the team in April 2019 (almost five years ago) as a university placement student. Since joining the company Steph has gained a huge amount of experience in event safety and delivery. 

Steph prof   1

Over the past year, Steph has undertaken various roles, including overseeing all entrant data, working with charity partners, and contractors as well as assisting with graphic design. Steph has also undertaken training courses in London on security control, which has been instrumental in overseeing our new event management and security structure. This has enabled Front Runner Events to ensure the deliverability of our races at the highest security standard. In addition to this, Steph has undertaken numerous developmental opportunities including Defibrilator training and topping up her First Aid to ensure she is at the top of her game for all eventualities.

Stephgwm   1

Emma is the marketing director of the firm, which was set up with her husband David Martin-Jewell in 2013. Emma deals with all advertising, public relations, communications and marketing strategy of Front Runner Events. She helped set the company up with David and Nick and has enjoyed seeing the business grow and develop over the years. She also took up running as a result of working with team, which has helped her gain a greater understanding of the expectations of our event participants, making our team a truly grassroots organisation.

Emj   1

Emma (right) with co-founder Nick Francis (far left) and husband David Martin-Jewel (immediate left) winning Gold at the Running awards for the Swansea Half Marathon Event.