At Front Runner Events Ltd we want to do more than run, we want to leave a legacy for the Swansea Bay Region...

that will contribute to the next generation of athletes to help achieve their goals. We are thrilled to have developed a community fund called 'Leave More Than A Footprint' - This is a fund available to young individuals who have a burning desire or talent for sport.

There is no restriction on the type of sport they wish to pursue within the fund and both individual and group/club applications can include; costs for equipment, sports lessons, training and much more. Beneficiaries must be 18 years or younger to apply for funding*.

The aim of the fund is to help remove the barriers that may prevent someone to participate or continue in sport. It is a simple application process, and the team are available to answer any questions prospective applicants may have.

We at Front Runner Events would finally like to thank everyone who has donated to ‘Leave More Than A Footprint’, through their race entry. Without donations, the young people we have supported to date simply would not have received the assistance they deserve!

Applications will open soon.

*Applications must be signed by a parent/guardian.