Setting your running goals

2022-12-31 09:52:00

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Most of us are familiar with setting 'SMART' objectives but this can be applied to running too!

S = Specific. Try to make your running goals precise. It might sound obvious, but instead of just wanting to run further, why not aim to complete a specific distance within a certain time (e.g. 3k within 20 mins) by the end of the month?

M = Measurable. You need to be able to prove that your running target has been reached. Don't guess when you've reached your goal but monitor your improvement with a watch and log it if you don’t have a tracker.

A = Achievable. Your running goals should be achievable. Don't set something that won’t be able to achieve because that will be disheartening. For example, running in your local 10k or half marathon would be an achievable goal, but a top 20 finish may not.

R = Realistic. Have some common sense when setting goals. Setting a target of improving your half marathon time by 60 mins this year is an unrealistic target. However, a goal of improving your half marathon run time by a few second or minutes is likely to be more realistic.

T = Time-related. Make your goal time-related because you can then create a deadline to work towards. A great way of doing this is by entering an event so you know you have that target and date you need to achieve it by. To choose a Front Runner Event find our 2023 line-up CLICK HERE.