Top Tips for Winter Training

2020-12-08 10:30:00

2020 has been a year like no other, with events postponed and cancelled for most of the year, it has been hard for some to get out the door and run. For others, running has brought them solace in this tumultuous time we find ourselves in, with many people taking up running for the first time.

Just because it’s getting colder, there’s no excuse to stop your training. Here at Front Runner Events, we want to help our runners to train smart and get fit during the colder months.

Stay Safe Be Seen

Daylight hours are getting shorter and those of us who work are finding it harder to get out and run when its light, so it’s important that you wear a head torch when running (even if it’s light when you leave home, chances are it will be dark when you return). Always wear hi-vis or reflective gear so that any vehicles can see you from a distance, even on pavements it’s important to be seen!

Buddy Up

Run with a friend if it’s safe to do so. Make sure you adhere to any restrictions that are currently in place for your area and remember to socially distance. Running with a friend can be the making of you as a runner, they can motivate you, advise you, encourage you and last of all entertain you while you run! It’s easy to say “not tonight” to yourself or “I’ll give it a miss” when it’s just you going running, but if you are letting someone down it’s a different story. Nobody likes letting their friends down, so buddying up can really be the best thing you do as a runner.

Dress Right

If you hate the cold and dread the thought of running in freezing temperatures, make sure that you plan your outfit well and layer up according to the weather. Gloves, and head buffs are an essential for winter training, and it’s always advisable to leave a hoody in the car, or wear a wind stopper jacket to keep you warm and dry without overheating whilst your running.

Make Time

Everyone struggles with their busy schedules these days, between work, family commitments or other hobbies it can be hard to fit in a run around these. Often, it’s about becoming more organised, stop wasting time on the things that are not that important and prioritise tasks. Things can often be juggled around and with a little determination you too can manage to get some runs in the bag! If you’re currently working from home, why not use the time you’d usually use for your commute to get out the door or utilise your lunch break.

Virtual Events

Need that extra bit of motivation? 2020 has seen many much-loved events cancelled or postponed, however, there is a large number of virtual events you can get involved with. You’ll be able to find a distance to suit you, join in with our Frontrunner for the Front Line event, the Llanelli Half Marathon, the Great Welsh Half Marathon or the Great Welsh Full Marathon and reward your training with a medal (& some events even have a t-shirt too!).