5 Ways To Keep Your Training Going In Winter

2020-11-02 10:15:00

We all know how hard it's been to stay motivated during the pandemic and training during the Winter can add another level of difficulty, but we have come up with some tips to keep you motivated...

1. Set Yourself a Goal To Achieve This Winter - whether it's a couch to-5k plan, complete a club challenge, or take part in a virtual event like the Great Welsh Half - there is something for everyone!

2. Freshen Up Your Running Wardrobe - The dark nights have arrived so its even more important you have the right gear to get our there!  Make sure you're seen with reflective gear or wearable lights/head torch.  Layer up and get waterproofed for more comfortable runs - you'll be thankful of it when you're out there!

3. Change It Up - They say a change is as good as a rest, although us runners may not think so!  BUT changing things can keep things interesting - try a different route,  interval training or the treadmill - it can really improve your speed (if that's your goal).  Don't forget to pay attention to the ground conditions too - running on ice is not a good idea - so why not try running on grass or sand?

4.  Get Out Early - The clocks have changed and the dark nights are here so try getting out early to set you up for the day...it can really boost your mood and help you re-align/focus yourself for the day ahead.

5.  Warm-Up & Be Wise To The Wind - Warm-up at home before you start your run to raise your body temp before you head outside.  Try to start your runs into the wind if you can - when have the most energy and finish with the wind on your back to give you that extra helping hand!

We hope that gives you some ideas to help you keep your training going in the Winter.  Don't forget you can check out some extra tips from our training partners at Realbuzz.com