Twenty Seven

Episode 27

This week’s podcast is with a man who has faced a number of challenges in his life; commonwealth games and Team GB Cyclist, extreme endurance athlete who has completed some of the world’s toughest races, all the while being Type 1 Diabetic!

Roddy Riddle is an extraordinary man that does extraordinary things and has a resolve that takes a small number of people to the very top of what they do.

Roddy was an international cyclist who following retirement in 1996 was subsequently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and immediately took up running. Roddy then went on to push himself and the management (and limits) of type 1 diabetes to new levels by taking part in some of the worlds toughest races, namely MDS (Marathon Des Sables and the 6633 Artic Ultra) plus many more.  

David talks with him about his achievements on the bike and on foot, some of the knock backs and his incredible endeavour to not let his condition rule him. This is a fascinating listen and Roddy is quite simply an inspiration to all.  

So over to David and Roddy for episode of 27 of #FrontRunnerRadio we hope you enjoy! 

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