Episode 2

Front Runner radio is a new podcast that will talk about all things running and people. Some you may know, most you won't, but they will all have a great story to tell. Most people we chat with will be involved in running, work in running or we have found some tenuous link because we want to chat with them. This series is intended to provide an insight into parts of the sport that most people don't openly talk about. Front Runner Radio is brought to you by the organisers of some of Wales' best mass participation events, namely; Llanelli Half Marathon, Great Welsh Marathon and the Swansea Half Marathon.

This week, we chat with James of TeamThie who seems to have deidcted his lif to all things running. James is a father, husband, mentor, coach, runner, commentator and many things besides. So we are delighted to share this interview with you, which provides tremendous insight into current running trends as well as his own career. 

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