Top Tips for Achieving a Sub-2 Hour Half Marathon – A Runners Perspective

2020-12-27 10:44:00

Last week, Tash Smith, Events Manager at Front Runner Events caught up with runners Diane and Nathan, from Swansea to find out about their journey to achieving a sub-2-hour half marathon. Today the duo reveal their top tips with us…

1. Train well and follow a training plan.

2. Join a running club – The training helps massively, from the speed sessions, hill and interval training as well as the long runs it will help improve your running speed, form and efficiency!

3. Hydrate properly, before, during and after your training and on the day of your event.

4. Try to organise support along your route during the event to give you some encouragement.

5. Run your own race and break it down into segments in your head so it doesn’t seem so daunting.

6. Don’t try anything new on race day, practice what you know from your training and enjoy every minute!

Lace up, get out the door and go smash those goals in 2021!